Hawkoid Mind Coercer Faceman Leader

8 20 13 8 8 20

Novice Power (Primary): Terrifying Shriek
Novice Power (Secondary): Mental Push

Class Features:
Double Your Efforts
Eyes on Me
Loud & Obvious
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Lover, Not a Fighter
Trained for the Job

Ladder Features:
Field Advice

POWERS At Will Encounter Daily
Biting Taunt X
Make Room X
Take Him Out X
  • Grey is a man with wings and a thin but majestic beak, which might be mistaken for a big roman nose in very poor light. He wears a face-thing like Skywise from Elfquest ( ). His hair is light, his body thin and lithe, and his features very, very pretty.
  • Grey’s memories begin 4 years ago when he walked into a godforsaken settlement with a broken wing and no language. He was named Grey after the sound of his voice, /Grehy, Grehy/. He was taught to speak by a wisewoman who had been educated somewhere far away, and he took to it like a bird to the air. Then, as soon as he was healed he took to the air in a similar manner. His teacher told him that upon learning language he altered his mental landscape immutably and would likely never regain his previous memories, but he has dreams of a place where everything was safe and food was abundant. He calls this place Beakin’ Hill.


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