House Rules

UltraModern4 goes Gamma

The GW4e rules are very ‘light’. They tried to orient the game to new players using light rules and card-based mechanics. Some of which is cool, some is a bit lacking..

We’ll be playing something much closer to straight up D&D4e, but set in a sci-fi post-apocalypse world, using the UltraModern4 book as a base for classes, skills, etc and adding the Gamma World origins, Alpha Mutations, and Omega Tech ‘on top’. We’ll also be using the simpler basic weapons system from GW4e.

So GRAB yourself a copy of the rules already!—OGL?term=ultramodern

Here be our Rules™

Character Stuff
Gear Stuff

What’s being tossed from GW4e?

  • Vocations (Ultramodern more than compensates)
  • +4 to random skill (also compensated for)

What’s being tossed from Ultramodern?

  • Armor and weapons will use a hybrid system more in common with GW4e.
  • Available Skills have changed as well.

House Rules

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