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All the rules to the Apocalypse, at your fingertips. Links to download Ultramodern and many more free toys inside!


Making Your Mutant

Listen up squibbie, ol’ Pappy Stanktooth’s seen more freaky freak shiz go down than you could shake a psuedopod at, but hey, everybody’s just gotta be themselves, amirite? Now, as you grow up you may feel some — changes.. No, not the hairy palm kind smartcheeks, I mean real changes..

Watt a World

It’s a dangerous world, and somebody’s gotta clean it up. Thankfully, that’s not you. You’ll be lucky to survive long enough to find a decent pub.


Muckers are all bloody fools gallivanting about making a mess of what otherwise would be a fine little apocalypse. No self-respecting Waster would be a Mucker, but y’know each to their own as long as nobody get’s mine.


Wasters are you and me, average squibs just looking for a shag, a laugh, some brews and heavy weaponry. It’s a hard life, but we didn’t have a frickin’ choice okay? I really needed that nuclear pistol to impress the ladies.. Stupid muggles.


Nonmutant folk. Those who desperately seek to cling to mediocrity and a single reality as a survival mechanism. Rightfully much better at it than us lot.


All the gear a grot’s gotta get. Sweet as pie.

Main Page

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