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Squat your lumps down and listen, grandpappy Stanktooth has a yarn to spin for yah.. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, things weren’t royally shitfucked the way they are here. Those blokes had the coolest effen ships and guns and little bots that beeped all cute and didn’t try to turn you into someone else’s foodstuffs. Lucky bastards…


The year is Six Monkey Slap Slap. It has been many generations since The Big Mistake. Few remember the time before. None truly know What Happened™. Gone are the shopping malls, pizza huts, parking lots and factories. Now it’s nothing but flowers, that want to eat you.

Bad Wind is a Modern 4e Post-apocalyptic game, using the Ultramodern4 rules as a base, and drawing in elements from D&D, Tank Girl, Judge Dredd, Heavy Metal, and Gamma World. Sometimes tongue-in-cheek, often brutal and unforgiving, occasionally smexy.

Ultramodern4 is a set of Modern 4e D&D rules designed by Dias Ex Machina Games, and is really a fantastic piece of work. They’ve graciously posted an OGL version (sans art and formatting) available HERE at Drive Thru RPG.

If you’re planning on playing, grab that guy and give it a good read. They also have the full version and print-on-demand hardcover available as well, and I’ll have a hardcover version here during games for use.

Bad Wind Rising

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