Bad Wind Rising

Antares catches Foley up to the goings on.

I must admit, I agree with you that love is the strongest of all natural forces. Though, I fear that a force most UNnatural has taken it’s grip upon this world. The order from which I descend and the tradition that I have inherited, was once vast and robust. Sadly, I have no more clues as to the cause of the Old World’s destruction as you do my friend. All that I can relate is the events that brought us here.

My own story is long, a little bit fuzzy, and frankly not very interesting. Suffice to say, I once came upon some ancient tomes detailing the exploits of various heroes and legends. Many have scoffed at my belief that there was once a time when such individuals held back the forces that wrought the destruction we now see around us. I have appointed myself steward of these ancient ways, and seek to restore such a fellowship that might bring about a new dawn… or at the very least nurse the pain of the long night we find ourselves in.

I find it no coincidence that my journey has put me in the company of such unique and powerful allies, that so fit the model of past adventurers. The Rogue, the Healer, the Wizard, and now the Fighter. Something important has occurred with this banding of forces. I am quite sure of it.

We were hired by a mining town known as Bad Wind Gulch to dispatch the beasts you see at your feet, though there are many more of their like. As you can imagine, they have become quite a nuisance. Though we began unclear as to their origins, and still are, it was not long before we found the mysterious note that would lead us to our destiny here. Upon visiting my friend, the undertaker Boisue, my suspicions of providence’s hand at play were confirmed. The note, and the man who wrote it, were not unfamiliar to him, and he divulged to us the information that set us upon this path.

In his company at the time was our very large and very angry friend known simply as “Meat”. For the price of a dead firebelly, and the promise of a share of the profits, our company gained a new champion. And so we set off. The journey here was a pleasant one. We made the acquaintance of several other travelers, traded pleasantries and carried on.

However, upon reaching the gate we were accosted by a fierce automaton, seeking our destruction and bearing none of the civility possessed by a gentleman of your caliber. What I can only assume was a very brave and clever feint on the part of the meaty one, allowed me to focus the eldricht energies of my staff and blast the abomination back to the hell of it’s creators.

We had no further trouble approaching this fortress of theatre, and upon our first entering it. Grey lead the way while Sigmund utilized his expertise to examine what remains of this once great temple. Though it was quiet and almost peaceful for a time, it was not long before a fierce melee ensued. I was not frightened. As suspected, our band proved too much for such a horde of cowardly vermin. It was then that we discovered you under the wreckage that you had called home for so long. Welcome back to the land of the living… such as it is.


Antares, you are as wise as you are venerable.


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