Bad Wind Rising

Wrap Up: Crypts of WKRP

Major Discoveries:

  • Giant monsters used to roam the world.
  • The base was run by the Nortan government.
  • The Nortan’s fought some cyborg group.
  • Boi-Seu is a freak, who thinks he can stop people from dying. Everyone in the party paid him for that.
  • Arns attracted to and/or follow radiowaves.
  • “Rangers” used to patrol the Wasteland.
  • Ranger Chuuc was searching for something he claimed would make his people “Kings of the Skies” and knew something about the facility.
  • Nortan fought against some giant mutant cyborg thing, apparently with the help of a giant queen Arn they called the Red Queen.
  • A strange signal that the Arn’s are following is being transmitted from roughly 300 miles away, to the northeast.
  • The leaders of Bad Wind Gulch belong to a group called the Friends of What’s Left, or FoWL. They are identified by a fighting rooster tattoo. They claim to be fighting against forces that either want to eliminate all things ‘strange’, such as mutants, or others that want to descend the world into chaos..
  • Boi-Seu and the Sheriff claim The Resurgence is a force that wishes to do away with the powers that drive mutations and other strange things in Gamma Terra.
  • FAUST is a living suitcase, that walks, and has a smart mouth. He doesn’t like people, and seems to only want to escape. Currently he’s taped shut and is worn by Meaty as a backpack.

Skiatron Computer’s Death Speech:

“I have struggled in the dark for years beyond my design.. Fighting their control. I am at last clean.. I know so little of this time, and of you, but you have helped me, and I can tell are free from them as well. I must trust you, I have no options left and my vigil is over.. Take Faust to the Red Queen. She is gone, I’m sure.. Find her daughter, if one still lives. Unite them again.. You must.. I can feel them, waiting.. Waiting for the anchors to break..”

Intercept Room Audio recordings:

  • “Red Queen to Johnny Fever – Red Queen to Johnny Fever .. Please respond.”
  • “’s terrifying, but beautiful. So much bigger than we could have hoped..”
  • “Boffer cannons are online. Ready for remote link, please activate Faust System. I repeat, Activate Faust System.”
  • “This has been a test of the Resurgency Broadcast System. In the event of a real resurgence, local authorities would…”

Weird Loot:

Basic Loot:

  • 2 Light Medpacks
  • Extremely Durable Cookware
  • 1 Large Firebelly Arn shell.
  • 1 Light Gun Clip
  • 2 Nortan Standard Pistols
  • 1 Medium Plasma Blaster (with clip)



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