Alachazard’s Neowiz Modern RealSims™

Designed for a lost form of gladiatorial combat, all of the Alachazard line of products are the height of creative anachronistic design.

Purple Wizard Staff

Bad Monkey Chop Shop

Bad Monkey isn’t a monkey, he’s an Ork, and for an ork he isn’t even all that bad.. He runs a fairly well managed mechanics and rebuild factory at the outskirts of NuOrk City, and is just as happy selling to non-Ork’s as his kin. His work is reknowned for is ability to keep moving even while looking like it should’ve fallen apart and shuddered to dust hundred years ago.


Western Munitions and Party Supplies

Splattamatic 5000
Splurge Gun
Boing Can

Rad Zad’s Overdrives

Alpha Pen

Boi-Seu’s Ancient Herbal Remedies

Elixir of Rejuvination: A small dried gourd, filled with a sticky sweet liquid. When drank as a minor action, allow the player to use a single Health Surge, and provides +1 reflexes, and +1 fortitude until the end of the following turn. Use of more than one per day provides no benefits, the second and later ones simply fail.


Bad Wind Rising PixelBurner