Bad Wind Gulch



Sheriff Makinnit

Charismatic rough-around-the-collar Leader who seems to honestly want to do a decent job of surviving, and keeping his town free, whatever it takes. Known for being impulsive and brash at times. His past is clouded, and bringing it up is a one way ticket to Coldshouldersville.



A scout from the Zarapes tribe, which lives northwest of the town, who finds himself drawn to the saloon more often than not. Jujaohe is not loyal to the town, but earned Citizenship by saving the Sheriff’s life on more than one occasion. He is fiercely loyal to the Sheriff, and also will take orders from the Mayor on occasion.

Unlike most of his tribe, Jujaohe isn’t fond of painting his scaled/furred exterior, and will often wear man-clothes to try and fit into the town when visiting. If met out in the wild however, he’ll be decked out in the latest camouflage.



The village undertaker and herbal remedy expert. Boi-Seu actually lives outside the village, in a small cave house on High Fall Bluff. He visits regularly every Slagday morning to sell his wears and intern the dead.

With rough cactus like skin, thorns for hair, black undertaker’s garb, and a tendency to sprout the occasional vine tentacle, Boi-Seu tends to come off as a scary figure, but those who’ve had business dealings with him have always noted his peaceful demeanor and fair and honest attitude. The Children do make up songs about him though.

Princess Kree

The town seer, and reknowned wise-ass. She is very adamant about her status as a Princess, and will outright refuse to work with anyone who disavows her ‘title’.. She’s often the source of town pranks, drinks to excess, annoying points out people’s flaws routinely, and would otherwise have been fed to the Baddersnatches, if not for her pesky ability at being able to predict the future.

“Princess” Kree’s predictions however only come in the form of drunken rants. They happen right when she’s just at the edge of passing out, and often she’ll stagger off to be alone beforehand. Many suspect she’s troubled by them, and is trying to repress something..

Foley the Pianobot


Rescued from his eons-long prison trapped underneath a radio drama stage by a roving team of Super Mutants, Foley is a bit naive to the dangers and wonders of Gamma Terra. He’s trying hard to embrace this new world he’s been thrust into, and has taken a shine to working evenings at the Rusty Bucket as a piano player.

Doc Grenshaw

The resident town Doctor. Doc Grenshaw’s seen a bit too much pain and suffering, and is fighting many of his own demons. He’s skilled, but often rushes jobs, and doesn’t take as good care of his gear as he used to.

Mother Lode

Mother Lode runs the nearly infamous “House of Healing”, a rather straight-up brothel. She also has a standing deal with Boi-Seu for pharmacures and herbal “remedies”, which are kept exclusive to her.

Places and Things:

  • Gobber’s Pit – Junkyard, fix it, and supply
  • Grand Vault Hotel – A retrofitted ancient vault, turned hotel. Also feature’s a Theater room.
  • Twisted Jimmy’s Saloon – Three story Saloon, bathhouse, and Inn
  • Lane’s General Store – Highest prices anywhere!
  • Mackinnit’s Livery and Feed
  • First Jail – An open faced jail, top side. Used to humilate and punish mostly.
  • Elder Bob’s – A mix of bar, shop, church, and museum. Elder Bob does his own thing.
  • Longhaul Exchange – A respository for messages, packages, and whatnots. Also sells stuff.
  • Renfoo’s Leathers and Books – Bookbinder, leatherworker, and printer. Renfoo also fancies himself a libertine and prints his own newsletter.
  • Flora Temple Vault – another vault, partially converted into a Temple of What’s Left, also serves as the Schoolhouse.
  • Ten Mile Station – Fuel depot and repair shop.
  • Chloride Creek
  • Glory Hole Graveyard
  • Doc Grenshaw’s
  • Prospect House
  • Pitmen Reserve
  • Blackdamp’s Bar
  • Mother Lode’s House of Healing
  • East Arch
  • The Wash.
  • Trust’s Bank and Repository
  • Hanging Bridge

Bad Wind Gulch

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