The Rundown

“Human” is a broad term. Most inhabitants of Gamma Terra are human, with minor mutations. Most mutations are cosmetic, such as purple skin or distinctive head-wrinkles; a few are helpful, such as sensitive ears or cat eyes.

So is “mutant.” People who have major mutations (those that qualify as powers) are considered mutants—especially the players’ characters. Most player charac ters are mutants (or at least look like mutants). Attitudes toward mutants vary widely: Some people think they’re cool, others revile them, and most don’t care.

The world is lethal. In a post-apocalyptic world, civilization exists in small pockets separated by dead wastes, monster-haunted ruinscapes, and tracts of land given over to alien growth from alternate worlds. Traders follow well-established routes, and only devil-may-care adventurers, members of cryptic alliances, and tribal raiders move far beyond their own encampments or settlements.

Wonders beckon. For all that the world is dangerous, it’s also wondrous. Even seen through the lens of a shattered reality, the marvels of a thousand thousand worldlines lie beyond the door, just waiting to discovered!

Alpha flux happens. A small subset of the population that has just the right genetic or algorithmic predisposition can spontaneously manifest entirely new mutant abilities by drawing on alternate worldlines.

Omega Tech is everywhere. Gamma Terra is littered with artifacts of advanced technology. People attribute all Omega Tech to the Ancients, but much of it actually originates in the numerous alternate worldlines. The most prominent forms of Omega Tech are the nanotech-based Xi items, photonic gear from the Empire of Ishtar, and offshoot technologies derived from Area 52.

You never know what you’ll find. The world offers more than Omega Tech items to bold explorers. Ancient ruins are littered with all manner of interesting bric-a-brac just waiting to be found. This stuff, lovingly referred to as Ancient junk, is everywhere.

The Rundown

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